Composer and Sound Designer for Films,
Video Games, Theater and Multimedia.

Graduated from “Rimon school of Music” Film Scoring and Arranging department in Israel.

In the past few years I’ve been working with companies such as – Samsung, Side-Kick, Compedia, Product Madness, BabyFirstTV and many more; Composing more than 40 films and more than 50 video games from most of the genres and platforms. For a full list of my clients click here.

I work as a one man service provider or as a producer managing an audio team for bigger projects. Among the services provided: Composing, Sound Design, Orchestration, Adaptive music, Dynamic sound, Foley’s, Mix, Mastering, Narration and Dubbing production and more.

Beside that I own a pro home recording studio and I also give talks at conferences and classes in Israel and all around the world. Among the conferences: Quo Vadis, A-maze, GameIS, Games Unconferences and more.

My goal is to find the unique sound each project needs. Every film, video game etc’ comes from a different world which I enjoy researching and investing time in.

For a copy of my resume contact me by email:

  • 23/03/14 06:03

    I’ll be in Berlin for the International Games Week events, including the Quo Vadis conference and A-MAZE expo, between April 8-12.

    If you’d like to arrange a meeting, drop me a line via email.

  • 13/03/14 07:03

    I’ll be at GDC 2014 at Moscone Convention Center – San Francisco, California.

    If you’d like to arrange a meeting, drop me a line via email.





The Boy With the Sun Tree Bow Light The Way A Wonderful Day Necrofusion Typist The High Priest



Typist (15min.) – Sci-fi short / Israel 2013
Director: Sergey Vlasov
Starring: Yoram Levinstein, Vitaliy Freadland and Michael Lerner
My role: Composer and Sound Designer
The High Priest (7min.) – Animation short / Israel 2013
Director: Daniel Lichter
My role: Composer, Sound Designer and Dubbing producer
Necrofusion (15min.) – Animation TV Pilot / Minneapolis 2012
Director: Amit Tishler – 10 Forward Productions
My role: Composer and Sound Designer
A Wonderful Day (25 min.) – Romantic Comedy / Israel 2011
Directors: Yossi Meiri and Ariel Wesibrod
Starring: Dvir Benedeck, Ori Yaniv, Leah Konig, Elinor Kluger
My role: Composer, Music Mixer and Guitar Player
Light The Way (9 min.) – 3D animation short / Israel 2011
Directors: Matan Calvary Rob, Rotem Tsulker and Yuval Loven
Piano: Libby Plot
My role: Composer, Sound Designer, Orchestrator and Mixing engineer

Haxx (18 min.) – Thriller / Minneapolis 2011
Director : Amit Tishler
Starring : July Vang and Joey Knox-carr
My role : Composer, Orchestrator, Sound editor and Guitar Player.
The Boy With The Sun Tree Bow (7 min.) – Animation short / Washington 2009
Director: Barbara Mones
My role: Composer, Orchestrator, Copyist – Performed with a 42 piece live orchestra

Video Games

The Galactic Asteroids Patrol – Invigo Studios / PC 2013
My role: Composer and Sound Designer
Top Smash – Sidekick games / PC 2013
My role: Sound Designer
Necrofusion – The Minos Complex – 10 Forward Productions / PC 2012
My role: Composer and Sound Designer
American Tomato– Aio Synergy / iPhone 2011
Vocals : Ran Yerushalmi and Shimrit Ovadia
My role : Composer, Recording Engineer and Sound Designer
AppStore Link : American Tomato
Robot Mayhem – Samsung / Android 2011
My role: Composer and Sound Designer


Getting Out of the Attic – Drama / Israel 2013
Director: Assaf Blau
My role: Composer, Music producer and Sound Designer
Performed at: Tsavta Theater and Givataim Theater
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat – Musical / Israel 2012
Director: Gilad Kavalero
My role: Music manager, Music producer, Additional music composer and Keyboard player
Performed by: Center stage – Holon, the cast included more than 40 actors, dancers and singers
Blind Date – Musical / Israel 2011
Director: Sivan Moskovitz, Writer: Yaara Robinson
My role: Composer and Music manager
Performed at: Act2 Festival and varios theaters in Tel-Aviv