Composer and Sound Designer for Films,
Video Games, Theater and Multimedia.

Graduated from “Rimon school of Music” Film Scoring and Arranging department in Israel.

I’ve worked with companies such as – Samsung, Side-Kick, Compedia, Product Madness, BabyFirstTV and many more. I’ve composed for more than 40 films and 50 video games in a wide variety of genres and platforms. For the complete list of my clients, please click here.

I work as a one man service provider or as a producer managing an audio team for bigger projects. Among the services provided: Composing, Sound Design, Orchestration, Adaptive music, Dynamic sound, Foley’s, Mix, Mastering, Narration and Dubbing production and more.

Apart from that, I also give talks at conferences and classes in Israel and all around the world. Among the conferences: Quo Vadis, A-maze, GameIS, Games Unconferences and more.

My ultimate goal is to find the unique sound each project needs. Every film or video game I take upon myself comes with its own world of which I enjoy investing time and researching.

For a copy of my resume, please contact me by email:

  • 14/03/16 08:03

    During GDC week you can reach me at:

  • 14/03/16 08:03

    After my talk at CEGC in Vienna.
    I will talk this week at GDC 2016,
    Here is the link:

  • 01/03/15 09:03

    I’ll be at GDC 2015 – SF as an International Ambassador scholarship.

    If you’d like to arrange a meeting, drop me a line.

  • 01/03/15 09:03

    The game ‘Gold Rush Anniversary’ was released and is available on steam. Music, Sound Design and Production by Alon Kaplan and the team.
    Download the game.

  • 01/03/15 09:03

    The demo for the PC game ‘Judgement’ by Suncrash Games was shown at Indiecade East. Music and Sound Design by Alon Kaplan.
    Check out the game’s website:

  • 01/03/15 09:03

    The iPad strategy game ‘Sky Wars: Archon Rises’ By Seven Elements Studios was released for the Israeli appstore, soon on every appstore. Music and Sound Design by Alon Kaplan.
    Appstore Link: Appstore Link
    Trailer Link: Trailer Link

  • 01/03/15 09:03

    Alon and the entire music team have recorded and produced 12 covers songs with 12 singers for the upcoming game ‘Idollz’.

  • 01/03/15 09:03

    The Irish Dance Show: ‘Mystery of the Dance’ will be on stages on August 2015!
    Check out the Intro Teaser
    Music by Alon Kaplan.





The Boy With the Sun Tree Bow Light The Way A Wonderful Day Necrofusion Typist The High Priest



Typist (15min.) – Sci-fi short / Israel 2013
Director: Sergey Vlasov
Starring: Yoram Levinstein, Vitaliy Freadland and Michael Lerner
My role: Composer and Sound Designer
The High Priest (7min.) – Animation short / Israel 2013
Director: Daniel Lichter
My role: Composer, Sound Designer and Dubbing producer
Necrofusion (15min.) – Animation TV Pilot / Minneapolis 2012
Director: Amit Tishler – 10 Forward Productions
My role: Composer and Sound Designer
A Wonderful Day (25 min.) – Romantic Comedy / Israel 2011
Directors: Yossi Meiri and Ariel Wesibrod
Starring: Dvir Benedeck, Ori Yaniv, Leah Konig, Elinor Kluger
My role: Composer, Music Mixer and Guitar Player
Light The Way (9 min.) – 3D animation short / Israel 2011
Directors: Matan Calvary Rob, Rotem Tsulker and Yuval Loven
Piano: Libby Plot
My role: Composer, Sound Designer, Orchestrator and Mixing engineer

Haxx (18 min.) – Thriller / Minneapolis 2011
Director : Amit Tishler
Starring : July Vang and Joey Knox-carr
My role : Composer, Orchestrator, Sound editor and Guitar Player.
The Boy With The Sun Tree Bow (7 min.) – Animation short / Washington 2009
Director: Barbara Mones
My role: Composer, Orchestrator, Copyist – Performed with a 42 piece live orchestra

Video Games

The Galactic Asteroids Patrol – Invigo Studios / PC 2013
My role: Composer and Sound Designer
Top Smash – Sidekick games / PC 2013
My role: Sound Designer
Necrofusion – The Minos Complex – 10 Forward Productions / PC 2012
My role: Composer and Sound Designer
American Tomato– Aio Synergy / iPhone 2011
Vocals : Ran Yerushalmi and Shimrit Ovadia
My role : Composer, Recording Engineer and Sound Designer
AppStore Link : American Tomato
Robot Mayhem – Samsung / Android 2011
My role: Composer and Sound Designer


Getting Out of the Attic – Drama / Israel 2013
Director: Assaf Blau
My role: Composer, Music producer and Sound Designer
Performed at: Tsavta Theater and Givataim Theater
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat – Musical / Israel 2012
Director: Gilad Kavalero
My role: Music manager, Music producer, Additional music composer and Keyboard player
Performed by: Center stage – Holon, the cast included more than 40 actors, dancers and singers
Blind Date – Musical / Israel 2011
Director: Sivan Moskovitz, Writer: Yaara Robinson
My role: Composer and Music manager
Performed at: Act2 Festival and varios theaters in Tel-Aviv